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Celebrating Our Stockists

The world is slowly returning to some semblance of life as we once knew it. Here in the U.K., Spring has sprung, the days are getting longer and warmer, and sipping a glass of wine in a pub garden never felt so good.

In this month's newsletter, we'd like to take a moment to celebrate our partners. These are the stockists, retailers, bars, restaurants and delis, who have all backed Yo El Rey with their time and energy from the get-go, and helped spread the good word of what we're trying to create. A wine brand can only achieve so much on its own, but working with the amazing institutions around the world listed below, we are certainly one step closer to making this something big.

The Yo El Rey website now has a dedicated page for these stockists with links to their webpages. If you are close by, pop-in and give them a high five. They are all good people, doing good things.

Akoko // London, U.K.

Bedales of Borough // London, U.K.

Bottles 'n Jars // London, U.K.

Good Wine x Good People // London, U.K.

Hootch // London, U.K.

Leroy // London, U.K.

The Nook // London, U.K.

Nobody Asked Me // London, U.K.

Oranj // London, U.K.

Others // London, U.K.

The Quarter Store // London, U.K.

Boatyard // St Leonard's-On-Sea, U.K.

Pallaio // Florence, Italy

Voisin Bread & Wine // Johannesburg, South Africa

Publik Wine // Cape Town, South Africa

Ray's Kitchen // Salt Rock, South Africa

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