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Grenache Gris 2020 Release

The first addition to the Yo El Rey range since the launch of the 2018 red cuvee is now available in both South Africa and the United Kingdom. The skin-contact Grenache Gris 2020 has officially gone live in both countries, and is available via Publik Wines in South Africa, and the new Yo El Rey online store here in the U.K.

Whilst I don't expect it to fly off the shelves, there were only 875 bottles made in total, so there ain't loads of it about. Quantities are limited. It might be the depths of winter here in the U.K., and certainly not the circumstances that inspire thoughts of sipping Rosé wines poolside, but looking ahead to sunnier days, this is definitely what you want in your glass this summer after a lockdown spent in all the shades of London's grey.

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